S1 Last Tango in Halifax :: general filming locations

I loved this series and it’s fantastic that a third has been commissioned.

Although based in Yorkshire, many of the filming locations for Series 1 were around Manchester, probably because Red Production Company is based on Quay Street in the city centre.

Here are some of the main locations I managed to identify… there are more on the Skipton post.

At the very beginning Caroline, Celia and William have coffee in Manchester Town Hall, in the Sculpture Hall Café:Evernote Camera Roll 20130127 000845

SculptureHallGillian works at Greenhough’s supermarket – there’s her red Land Rover:Evernote Camera Roll 20130127 000949

It’s the Marsden Co-operative store, in West Yorkshire:marsden-cooperative

Caroline is Headteacher of Sulgrave Heath Independent School – that’s her black 4×4 pulling in:Evernote Camera Roll 20130127 000900
…in reality it’s Bolton School in Lancashire.Bolton_School_Quad
Screen shot 2013-01-27 at 00.38.51
School Assembly Hall – with Dr Caroline Elliot above, in reality below.The Assembly
It’s been ultra difficult to identify Gillian’s ‘Ripponden’ farm but I’ve found it – you saw it here first! Shots from the programme:Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 00.05.51Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 23.54.42
It’s Knowl Farm in Greater Manchester, located north west of Rochdale (near Scout Moor wind farm) off the A680 Edenfield Road.20130202-100852.jpgScreen shot 2013-02-03 at 00.38.38
Here’s the view looking south from the farmhouse:farm 1
Caroline’s house isn’t in Harrogate. Here’s Alan pulling onto the drive in the red Lexus convertible:
Caroline's House
It’s a Victorian semi near the corner of St Johns Road and Delamer Road in Altrincham, Cheshire – here on Google Street View:
Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 20.00.33
The one on the right:
Caroline's house birds eye
Celia and Alan are locked inside Southowram Hall, here looking suitably spooky:Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 23.59.16Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 00.07.36
There have been lots of online comments re where this is, but it’s definitely Bramall Hall, Stockport, Cheshire:
More information on the Skipton filming locations here

41 responses to “S1 Last Tango in Halifax :: general filming locations

  1. Being Halifax born & bred and living in Australia for 53 years, I am disappointed that the locations for the filming of Last Tango in Halifax were not used in and around Halifax. But the show is excellent and the acting superb.

    • I was a bit disappointed too Brenda, as I used to live in West Yorkshire. Fingers crossed it wins a few of the TV BAFTAS that the series and some of the actors have been nominated for, (especially Sarah Lancashire – I loved her in it!)

      I’m hoping the second series might include Halifax locations. It hasn’t started filming yet – some of the cast have recently mentioned signing their contracts, on Twitter.

    • The main reason season one didn’t feature many halifax locations was when the series was originally commissioned its working title wasn’t last tango in halifax but antony and cleopatra . At the time it was due to be broadcast it coincided with a shakespeare season on the bbc so the producers were tasked with giving it a new title, during filming it was decided to call it last tango in halifax probably due to writer sally wainwright being born in Halifax, Sally wainwright said this when interviewed on radio leeds. She agreed that Halifax hadn’t featured much in season one but this would change in season two. So far I’ve seen Halifax town hall and North bridge as outside locations

  2. Hi, they are currently setting up a set for filming series 2 where i work at the Manchester metropolitan university in Rusholme, Manchester. I had a look at the set and its a wedding set in a registry office. I took some pictures on my phone, it looks very nice. There is a building on campus called shepherds house, it is a very old looking historic building and fits perfectly for a registry office.

  3. I go to bolton school and I am unsure of what they will do for filming as the new sixth form center is currently being built.

  4. I’m curious. Was Alan in a real hospital after he had the heart attack or was it a set made up to look like a hospital?

    • I absolutely LOVE this show! I play episodes over and over. The characters are so real and flawed. Alan and Celia are marvelous! Celia is so self-absorbed and selfish but Alan seems happy enough. Gillian is the lost sheep 🐑. My favorite character is Robbie, blind as a bat 🦇. I like Gillian but she is so self-destructive. I think Ellie is wonderful. And Daffy Raffy is also charming.

  5. I love seeing these locations and learning about where they are. Very interesting. Some of the place names are hard to understand, such as Southowram Hall, which I’m not sure about pronouncing even after seeing it spelled. In episode 1 of the 2nd season, they sit on a rock with a spectacular view. I’m looking forward to learning where that is. P.S. My blog uses the same theme – great minds, etc.

  6. This second series has shown the exterior of Halifax Town Hall and last night’s sequence alongside the canal was at Sowerby Bridge marina

  7. The pub scenes are the Red Lion in Whitworth and the Crown inn, Bacup. Both in Lancashire btw 🙂 ( I live in Bacup, our side of the pennines is prettier!)

  8. I am enjoying the series but finding it disappointing when watching it as part of the enjoyment is looking for familiar places, coming from Halifax I don’t understand the title. Perhaps it should be Last Tango in Cheshire/Lancashire but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  9. Can anyone identify the long straight road across the moors that regularly featured in series 2? I wondered if it was the A169 from Whitby to Pickering?

  10. Just found out in an article (don’t exactly remember the source) that the hospital scenes were filmed in Manchester Royal Infirmary.

  11. I truly appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thanks again!

  12. Ooh thanks for that. I thought Southowram hall was Smithills in Bolton but yes of course its Bramhall. D’oh! There was a also a shot of Le Mans crescent in Bolton.

  13. being born in Halifax and lived in Ripponden I too am enjoying this program. Living in Canada I am currently “snowbirding” in Florida and found this little gem on NETFLIX. Just wondering if you know in the first series when Alan and Celia go to talk to the bishop about getting married. Was the exterior shot of St. Bartholomews in Ripponden? Love this show although my partner finds it difficult to understand sometimes! Then he says my Yorkshire accent comes right back!!

  14. Some very thorough research here ! And it answers the only problem I have with ‘Last Tango’ (which I thoroughly enjoy). As a native of West Yorkshire, I am aware that all the supposed locations in the show are in stone-built areas, so was somewhat puzzled by the brick buildings and streets evident in the scenes shot in Manchester and Cheshire, which could, at a pinch, be Leeds, but never Halifax, Skipton or Harrogate. Authenticity is a problem with devout geeks like me around !

  15. One of the homes in the altrincham locations was my great grandparents homes. I now live in America but remember it well.


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